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Hi Momma Kath, I just wanted to write you with some great news! As you know, I first reached out to you after going through a failed IVF that ended in severe ovarian hyper-stimulation (I couldn't get out of bed for weeks and my stomach filled with so much fluid it looked like I was 6 months pregnant). IVF was my first try at any sort of fertility treatment because my doctor said I had PCOS and a blocked tube, so she said IVF would be my best chance. Clearly, it was an experience I did not want to repeat. I felt like all of the medications had thrown my body off balance, so I found your site and reached out to see if you had any ideas for getting me back on track. You suggested I take the tissue calming herbs for one month to help with my blocked tube and then take the herbs for her to help with my PCOS. After two months of taking your #7 FertilEDGE (Herbs for Her), I was feeling much more like myself again and I was finally ready to entertain the idea of more fertility treatments. I found a new clinic and a great new doctor who recommended I try Clomid before anything else. I told her I was concerned about the effectiveness of that due to my blocked tube, so she ordered another HSG. Amazingly, this time the HSG showed both tubes were open!! I have to believe the herbs must have helped. After trying a few rounds of clomid, I read something on your site that I had never heard before and it got me thinking. Often times doctors prescribe Clomid and a drug called Metformin for PCOS patients because they tend to be insulin resistant. My doctor hadn't put me on Metformin because my blood sugar tests had come back normal. However I knew I still might have insulin resistance because I am thin and eat right, which makes insulin resistance hard to diagnose. I figured it was okay that I wasn't on Metformin until I read a page on your site that explained exactly how insulin resistance messes up hormones and makes it difficult for cells (such as eggs) to grow properly. For my 4th cycle, my doctor suggested I try Femara inste ad of Clomid, and I asked her if I could try Metformin as well. I followed the protocol and produced one nice follicle (I always produce only one) that ovulated on it's own without needing an HCG shot. I think the Metformin really made a difference because this time that one little follicle was all we needed. I'M PREGNANT!!! I can't hardly believe it and I feel I owe my success entirely to your support! I couldn't have done it so easily without your help. Thank you for giving me the hope I needed to try other options. Right now I am taking your early pregnancy support herbs and waiting for my first ultrasound. I'll let you know how it goes, but so far I'm feeling great! Thanks so much for all of your help and support! -Laura

When Laura became pregnant she took the First Trimester Pack package:  #5 Protect Early Pregnancy  and here is a picture of her happy, healthy child. Mama Kath


Momma Kath,

I still really don't believe it but I took two pregnancy test this morning, 
both positive.

I was taking 90 Days of  #3 FertilEDGE +PLUS package!

I'm in shock. It was of course your herbs (I did not start clomid or anything else), I'm speechless.

Thank you so much, 

Hello me and my man TTC for 2 yrs and have been unsuccessful until recently. I was diagnosed with PCOS 6 yrs ago so i just assumed i couldnt have kids. And not getting pregnant for 6 yrs..yeah i was starting to wander if i ever was going to have a baby! Well i decided to start clomid 50 mg. The first month i took it i had terrible hot flashes and got a little dizzy but nothing more than that. Well that month was a negative!! I wasnt about to give up so i took it again this month and guess what...IM PREGNANT!! I never thought it would happen either. So to anybody out there who is at their wits end...please dont give up because it will happen!!!! I am now 5 wks and im so happy! Hang in there ladies and GOOD Luck!! 

After years of infertility because of PCOS & Overweight, I am now posting a Success Story to this forum that gave me hope on my LONG JOURNEY... 

My husband and I have a miracle baby who is now 6 years old, he was concieved naturally and was born a healthy 9lb 2 oz. 22 inches long. via C-Section. After a couple of years I started to crave another baby and wanted to keep them close together but by then I have gained ALOT of weight I was only 135lb before the pregnancy with my son but after the pregnancy the pounds just piled up I went all the way up to 232lbs. After years of trying to do this on my own I finally got referred to a fertily doctor he immediately diagnosed me w/PCOS. He started me on Metformin x3 a day and clomid 50mg no success, 100mg Ovulated but no success, another 100mg ovulated again w/2 good follies and a HCG trigger shot no success I didn't understand why I had 2 great follies and nothing! The fertility doc. said next step IVF... I said NO WAY!!! We will try to do this alot of prayers, naturally, or w/the help of clomid. So I gave it a break for a little while but stayed on metformin so 6 mo. after all that chaos and losing only 10l bs I was due for yearly pap and told the doctor I wanted to try Clomid again just 1 try for the fun of it and he prescribed my provera to bring on my af w/100mg of Clomid and LOW AND BEHOLD WE ARE FINALLY PG w/BABY #2. I want to give this hope to all of you out there ttc I no it's hard and sometimes unfair but there is 

A Very Happy Mommy!

Although I literally have no story here with clomid, as mine is just beginning, I loved your website and still wanted to contribute. 

I have had a nagging feeling since childhood about not being able to get pregnant. As I became a sexually active adult, my fears were turned into reality. My husband and I have been trying almost non stop for over two years even though I have been diagnosed with PCOS. They say some PCOS patients can become pregnant on their own, so we didn't rule it out. 

Two months ago started our infertility treatments. My doctor who specializes in fertility and PCOS put me on Metformin-1500 a day and so far that has resulted in daily nausea (which is slowly decreasing) and terrifying, vivid nightmares every single time I sleep. Doesn't sound like the worst thing in the world, but these nightmares have become so violent and scary that it sometimes takes me a few hours to get over them in the morning! 

I will keep taking Metformin, and just this week started on Clomid-50 a day for cycle days 5 through 9. I am on my third pill and I feel very lucky because so far not a single side effect. I have been a crazy woman, reading everything and anything on the net that will give me some hope of concieving with this drug. I so badly want to wake up pregnant one day, and while I would prefer to do this naturally without any pills or annoying side effects, this is my reality. I know that I am meant to be a mother... I have worked with children nearly my whole life and can't wait to feel the love between a mother and a child... knowing this will be different from any love ever felt before! 

I also want to be realistic, knowing this could take weeks, months, years, or possbily never. A positive attitude and mindset however can greatly help so I try to remember that as well. I can't wait to be a mother! 


This is my success story , I'll try to make it short as possible . I started my period when I was 13 . My first period lasted 12 days and was extremely heavy . My periods had been insane , from heavy prolong bleeding to light bleeding , bleeding in between periods , skipping periods ..Just a big mess ..Then when I turned 19 my periods became non existent.. Finally after not getting pregnant , a drastic weight gain , non existent periods I was diagnosed with pcos..I was 22 when the doctor diagnosed me ..The plan was , I would try to get pregnant just alone on metformin and diet , and if they didn't work after 1 year we were going to try fertility drugs..Well the met made my periods come back , they were just insane as when i was a teenager ..I weighed 196 lbs , and still couldn't seem to lose much weight ..Well a year came and went and still no baby ...the Met did help a little with weight , at the end of the year I was 184 lbs ..The second year I was 23 and weighed 184 lb.The doctor had me on met , some med t hat helped my periods regulate and become a little more normal , It started with a P ..Then i started clomid ..I couldn't seem to get pregnant on Clomid , even though blood work showed I was ovulating ..I was very upset , and we did a sperm count and my husband showed low count 17 million ..He has a normal sperm count , we tested again , the second time it was in the normal range ..but i was devastated when his count came back low , I quit doing fertility treatment , I threw all my fertility books away , The plan then changed to adoption when we reached are early 30's ..Since we thought it was now both of us , we were going to just seek adoption a little later in life..Okay I continued to take met , i got into diet and exercise pretty hardcore .I figured if I couldn't have a baby , I could at least try to better myself in some way ..I was doing weight watcher's palates , anyways I got down to 152 lbs , 

My husband felt that the sperm count results were not correct , He had gotten into a little spat with the la dy who took the sample , because she left it laying out and he kept asking her if she needed to freeze it or something , and I guess she got nasty with him and left it out even longer to prove a point ..I told him to go to a different clinic and take another one if it bother him that bad , so he did , and the count came back in normal range ..I told him that was great but , I wasn't ready to try for a kid again , it was just to depressing every time I had a negative pregnancy test ...Anyway I'm still taking my met , and I still continue to diet , well at this time I'm 24 and I weigh around 152 , well I got really sick . I went to the doctor , regular family practitioner and told him I had the flu or something and it just will not go away . I explained to him no congestion more of a stomach virus , He asked if there was any chance I could be pregnant .I laughed and told him no , I was infertile ..Well anyways he sent me home and told me basically to just tough it out , The sickness got worse , I was puking al l night , I missed several days of work ..Needless to say I was at Walmart with my husband and I thought to myself , I hadn't had my period in like 3 months , even with met i get some sort of period even if it is a faint one , I was thinking could i pregnant ?? I honestly didn't think I was pregnant , I thought after a 100 negative pregnancy test , what emotional damage could one more really do ? so why my husband was looking at carrots , I told him I needed to go to the restroom , I snuck off and got a test , paid for it , and took it in the walmart bathroom, as soon as i peed on the stick within seconds I got a big fat plus ..Best moment of my life..I ran out of the bathroom , found him and told him we were having a baby lol ..I showed him the stick , and i took like 3 more test that night just to be sure lol ..

Our son was born March 24th...                     

Wonderful information!

PCOS PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome

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